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Types of Sleeves on Dresses

There are many types of sleeves on dresses, tops, shirts, and other clothing designs. Sleeves should be properly fitted on any clothing to give it that smooth look. You may choose your clothes because of the type of sleeves that come with your dress. Some are set-in sleeves or mounted ones. There are the puffed sleeve, one-piece, and two-piece sleeve. 

The important part of your outfit is the style, shapes, and designs of sleeves. If you want to have that tailored look while appearing smart, go for the set-in sleeves. Casual looks come with the shirt sleeves.

The types of the set-in sleeve are the raglan sleeve and the dolman sleeve. The kimono sleeves are the ones that are with or without gusset. Most two-piece set-in sleeves are found in coats and suits. 

Sleeves types

Sleeves and body shapes

Choosing clothes with sleeves that fit your body shape is an important fashion decision. The type of sleeves on your outfit can add balance to its design because they are where the focus of the dress is. It is not all sleeves type that fit certain body shapes. If your bust or bosom is bulky, do not wear puff sleeve clothes. No full sleeves with a full skirt.

Sleeves and occasions

If you are going on a special occasion there are some designs or styles of sleeves that will fit. Make sure that the type of sleeve will not irritate you and you can easily manage it. Do not wear tight sleeves under the coat because when you finally take off the coat. 

Styles of sleeves

Puffed sleeves

Puffed sleeves are the type of sleeves that gathered at the top and bottom. There are short and long puffed sleeves. 

Gathered sleeves

These are full sleeves that are gathered around the sleeve caps. These sleeves are found on evening dresses, bridal and casual dresses.

T-shirt sleeve types

T-shirt sleeves are the types of sleeves that have a low armhole with a shallow sleeve cap. It looks just like shirt sleeves.

Bell sleeves

Set-in sleeves

The sleeves hang straight because the cap is formed deep. E.g. dolman sleeves and raglan sleeves.

Shirt sleeves

The shirt sleeve has an armhole seam that faces the sleeve with a shallow cap.

Raglan sleeves

Many coats and raincoats are made with raglan sleeves because it provides enough room for the clothes that you will wear under.

One-piece raglan sleeve

It comes with an open shoulder dart. That is how the shape on the shoulder is formed.

Two-piece raglan sleeve

The only way that the shape of the sleeve is formed is by using the underarm and outer arm seams to shape it.

Kimono sleeves

Kimono sleeves are usually made with stretchy fabric to make the movement of the arm free. Clothes with this type of sleeves are made with jersey material.

Two-piece sleeves

This comes with the front and back underarms that are made with seams.

Sleeveless style

This is a plain armhole with a sleeve. One of the main features of this outfit is that the facing is shaped in such a way that the armhole fits right.

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