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Women Handbags Styles And Types That Flatter Your Figure

How can you choose a handbag for your body type? There are many styles and types as well as shapes of handbags for women. Depending on how you want the handbag to flatter your figure, you can choose some shapes and styles that can do just that.

Women handbags come in different designs. There are many options to choose from including styles, shapes, and sizes. These bags also come with long or short straps. The many functional features of women's handbags make them a very attractive addition to fashion accessories. Well-designed handbags will have pockets, many compartments, some with dividers that can hold many items.

Handbag materials

Leather handbags

Leather handbags are very common. Leather is flexible and can last longer. Leather handbags come in different colours.

Silk and velvet handbags

Some women's handbags are made with velvet or silk. The silk handbags and the velvet handbags are always carried for special occasions like evening outings.

PVC handbag

PVC material is used in making handbags because it is tough and durable. They are available in different colours. They are used as an alternative to leather.

Canvas bags

Canvas handbags can last longer because they are made with tough material.

Synthetic leather handbag

Synthetic leather is seen to imitate real leather. But the fact of the matter is that nowadays, they have the look and feel of the real leather, although, without its durability.

Handbag styles

Handbag shape

To complement a figure that is thin but tall, carry a handbag like a hobo handbag that is on the rounded side. What you want to do is carry a handbag that looks opposite to a figure to create a beautiful and balanced appearance. 

Rectangular or tall handbags will make a heavy but short figure appear slender and tall. Try to avoid handbag designs that are round. Remember to go for sleek and long handbag designs.

Women handbags


  Handbag size

Your size should be in line with the size of the handbag. The shape of the bag should be opposite to your figure, but the size of your handbag should be in direct proportion. For example, if your figure is tall and heavy, you should go for a big handbag while a slender figure should go for a small bag.

Closefitting handbags 

The thing to know about closefitting handbags is that how long the handbag is will always place emphasis on the area that it comes very near with. A clutch bag that you place under your arm will bring focus to the upper front of your clothing, if it is a shoulder bag with straps that extends to your hip, then that will become a focal point. although some ladies can flatter their waists by wearing shoulder bags that end in the midsection of their figures.

Handbags come in different styles, colours, and types.  Here are some of the different types of handbags.

Types of handbags

The type of handbag gets its name from the design, the shape, and the type of handle that it is made with.


Tote handbag comes with an open-top with two straps. You can find it in a medium to large size bag.

Hobo handbag

You will recognise the hobo handbag with its crescent style shape. It is a slouchy bag with a long or short single strap with a top zipper.


Clutch bags do not have handles. Women can use it both during the day and as an evening bag. Many clutch bags are usually seen with women during an evening out or special occasions. The clutch bags are compact in size and can be embellished with beads, flowers, sequins, and bows to give them that attractive appeal.

Crossbody handbag

Just as the name implies, a cross-body handbag crosses the body diagonally and stops at the hip area. It is a small bag with a long strap. It has enough room to hold your wallet, a few cosmetics, and probably a smartphone.

Messenger bag 

Messenger handbag got its name from when the bag was used by courier guys. With long straps and that you can wear over one shoulder.

Barrel-shaped bag

The handbag has straps that are shoulder length with closed tubes.

Bucket bag 

The bucket bags come in large or medium size, have a bucket shape, a drawstring closure with shoulder straps.

Bowling bag 

The bowling handbag has short straps that you will not be able to wear over your shoulder. It is a compact size bag with features of pockets, compartments with dividers.

Saddle bag

The saddle handbag is shaped like a horse saddle where the name comes from. It comes with hardware and some motifs to highlight the design of the handbag.

Satchel bag

The satchel bag is a very strong bag that you can wear around the body. It comes with double handles and is very spacious. Many people use it to carry a laptop.


The drawstring handbag is very popular especially with people who go to the gym. There is the drawstring gym bag. You can only close at the top with a drawstring.

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