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Different Styles of Women Shoes - Finding The Best Shoes Types For Women

There are different styles of women's shoes. Finding the best types of ladies' shoes can look a bit daunting, but lucky are you as your shoe closet is about to welcome some designs to its collection. that is if you have not already had them. Ladies should try as much as possible to have at least two pairs of each of the different styles of shoes just to prepare for when the occasion demands it.

Some types of shoes can be house shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, business shoes or dress casual type, dress shoes, sports shoes, and many more. The women's shoes also come in different colours and prints. The colour of the shoes can be black, pink, green, silver, blue, etc. The colour of the shoes you choose to wear should complement all other fashionable clothing you want to wear.

Women footwear

Women's shoes are a staple in any woman's shoe racket. There is no way to name all the many types of women's shoes. The names of the types of shoes you choose to wear will depend on their design. 

Here are just a few of the types of shoes for women:


Women's sandals shoes come in both casual and dressy styles. This style of shoes is open at most parts of the sides, the toes, and the top. The sole of sandals can come in a wedge style, heels, or flat. They have straps at the upper part to secure the shoe. Some of the straps even go up to the knee and this style of sandals is popularly known as the gladiator sandal.


Women heels shoes come in different styles and types. You will find heels that are wedges, peep toes, and slingbacks. Although wedges is a shoe style of their own with their chunky heel design, they still fall under heels. No research has been able to find the answer as to why many women like to wear high heels. There is this popular impression that women can only look prettier when they wear heels that are higher.

Flip flops

Flip flops are a casual shoe style for women and are suitable for the outdoors. Women can wear them too on the beach.

Wedge Shoe 

Wedge shoes are a type of heel shoes and come in chunkier heels. This is one of the popular shoes that many women cannot o without. They are suitable to wear for many occasions both casual and formal.

Pumps shoes

Pump shoes for women are footwear that can be covered or not covered on both sides, the back and around the front. They have ankle straps. Pump shoes also come with stiletto heels. Open-toe shoes are a type of pump shoes but come in an open front where all the toes can show, also peephole shoes are another type of pump shoes where only the middle toes or the big shoe show.


Platform shoes for women are the shoe styles that come with multiple layers on the sole and the layers elevate the shoes.


Mule shoes can have high heels or low heels, they appear as a flip flop but with heels. They have no support around the rear and the ankle. The front of the mule shoes can be open-toe or close at the front.

athletic or sports shoes

Sports shoes are also known to be casual footwear. They are also called trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, aerobic shoes. It depends on which sports you are doing or what type you want to wear. Sports shoes come in different designs to fit the particular sports. Sneakers or trainers are great to wear for sports activities such as running, walks and hiking. These style of shoes are made with different materials. You may find the ones made with rubber, nylon, and leather that are handy and comfortable.


Boots shoe style is very popular with women. You can find boots shoes that come as heels, wedge and flat. They cover the foot, which can be ankle high or thigh-high boots.


Oxford shoes for women are the styles that cover the foot and comes with lace to tie at the top. They can come in flat style, wedge or heels.


This is a very glamorous shoe with support at the heel area but with no sides but the toes are covered. It may come with ankle straps or not.


The flat shoe style is flat to the ground. It does not have heels. This is a classic shoe for women. One type of flat shoes is ballet shoes.

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