Monday, 26 April 2021

Types of Waistcoat For Women: Dress Up Your Plain Blouse

The classic waistcoat for women is always at the forefront of fashion. The waistcoat is one of the practical outfits that you can easily adapt to dress up your garment or simply wear it to keep warm. There are many ways that you can wear your waistcoat. You can wear your waistcoat over dresses, vests or blouses, on its own as sleeveless or over jumpers, the choice is yours.

Women waistcoat is one of the clothing that every lady should have in their wardrobe. Many waistcoats are lined to give it a neat finish and for a smooth fit, princess seams are used. The front of the waistcoat is fastened with either a button, a popper studs or even a fabric tie. It is your choice to make sure you look for the kind of closures you prefer.

As a sleeveless top, you can get a waistcoat with a scooped neckline that looks amazing and flattering. The top should fit well. And if you want that fifties style look, wear the one with gingham fabric. It depends on the type of fabric of your choice, you can actually wear the waistcoat as a smart evening top or casual sleeveless vest. 

Styling your waistcoat 

Many waistcoats are made with fabrics such as brocade, gingham, cotton, linens, silks, velvet as well as medium weight fabrics. The waistcoats that you wear should fit close to your body to give it that flattering appearance. 

For an evening outing, the quickest way to appear dazzling is to wear a waistcoat made with a lustrous brocade.

For an easy way to wear the waistcoat style top while looking attractive, wear the top made with a scooped neckline. If you want to wear the waistcoat as a top ensure that the armholes are that of a blouse top not the enlarged ones for the normal waistcoat. 

Another fabric that will make the waistcoat style top looks great is the crepe material, especially if it comes in black colour. To give it that glamorous appeal, the front fastener should be made with pretty buttons.

The thing about ladies waistcoat is that you can wear them as dressy or casual, it all depends on the fastenings and fabric that you use.

The traditional waistcoat is made for you to wear over a top or a blouse. This is a classic that your wardrobe is waiting for to be added to it. For a strong fashion look, you can layer the waistcoat over a plain dress. You can team it with a t-shirt or a blouse. 

If you want to get into the party mood while feeling glamorous, team a brocade waistcoat with any of your everyday blouse and a skirt made with linen.

For a casual waistcoat, you can wear a floral front style. This style is made with linen fabric. The back of the waistcoat can come with a satin buckle with an adjustable strap for ease of wear.

If you want that informal look combine with a business-like air, wear a waistcoat that is made with linen and has a stripy back. Wear it over a cotton shirt with a long sleeve and team it with blue jeans.

Another type of waistcoat that can express your uniqueness is the braided style. This is the type that comes with a trim. The trim can come in different style and design, You can actually change a plain waistcoat into glamorous evening wear or a smart nautical look.

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