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Types of Silk Fabric and Silk Care

Popular Types of Silk Fabric 

Many silky fabrics have a smooth surface and are very comfortable and breathable when you wear them.

Satin backed crepe

This type of silk material is from artificial fibres or silk. It is a reversible fabric that you will find crepe finish on one side and satin finish on the other side. You can get clothing that is reversible. That is, you can wear either side of the clothing. 

Lightweight jacquard

It is made from polyester or silk. The pattern of the texture is formed by the weave. This makes the silk fabric looks matt or satin silk. Silk does not only come in plain or solid colours. You will find parsley silk swirls, floral patterns, geometric designs. 

Silk satin top

Sandwashed silk

The fabric is made from microfibre polyester. It is 100 per cent silk. It comes with a soft feel, bleached look and it is slightly less slippery. It is a plain weave.

Crepe de Chine

It is made from either polyester microfibre, acetate, or silk fabric has a slightly crepy texture with fine threads. Constructed with plain weave fabric. 

Lightweight satin

This type of silk is made from 100 per cent polyester or 100 per cent silk. This is a highly lustrous silk fabric that is called charmeuse. Many nightwear and lingerie are made with this silk fabric.

Silk fabric care


Pure silks

When you buy any pure silk material, read the washing instruction if it comes with one. Generally, to maintain the pure silk fabric, only

  • Hand wash them
  • Wash the silk with shampoo, this can be silk washing detergent or silk washing liquid. But many people, simply wash it with baby shampoo in cold water. 
  • After handwashing, do not twist or wring the silk fabric. To have quick dry silk, get a dry towel, roll the silk in the towel to remove the excess water.


With a manmade silk fabric, you can wash it at low temperature in a washing machine. Always read the instruction for washing any silk material you buy. There are some manmade silk fabrics that can shrink when you wash them, manmade silk fabric such as acetate and viscose blends. Ensure that you test the fabrics to see if it will shrink, if it does, dry clean the silk.


Before you press any silky fabric, run a test on the material first. It is safe to iron from the wrong side because, at times, the slippering surface of the silk makes it easy for a hot iron to burn. Always start from the low setting on the iron and adjust it as needed.

Pure silk

Iron the pure silk material using a low steam setting. The quickest way to get the best out of ironing silk is to iron it when it is slightly damp.

Manmade silk fabric

This type of silk fabric needs you to use a cool iron for the best result. They burn easily because the silk is made from polyester or rayon fibres.

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