Friday, 23 April 2021

How to Choose Clothes that Flatter Your Figure: A Guide

What flatters your body shape? Many factors contribute to how you can dress to flatter your figure. Asides from the design of the type of clothes that you choose to wear, the colours of each outfit matters as well.

How to pick flattering clothes for your body type if you are:

Body shapes

Short and slender

If you are short and slender, choose clothes that come with a vertical appearance because you want to appear taller. In order not to overpower your body shape, choose clothes that are not made with heavy fabrics. Flatter your figure with one colour outfits, wear clothes made of medium or lightweight fabrics, fabrics with small patterns. 


* A long flowing skirt

* waist-length jacket

* Narrow front panel dress

* Princess Lines

* Coat dresses

Tall and slender

If you prefer bright colours, wear them, striking colour contrast will also flatter your figure. Do not wear clothes with lines because it will make you appear too tall. To maintain how slender you are without highlighting your height, wear:

* curved vertical lines clothes with soft details

*  Vivid colours

* Contrast colour fabric

Tall and heavy

For you to be able to appear slender without adding height, you will have to wear clothes with diagonal lines. Diagonal lines can look vertical and horizontal at the same time. Wear these clothes if you want to flatter your figure:

* Clothes with surplice closings

* Gentle flares

* Draped effects

* Soft, medium weight fabric designs

* Grey colours


* Dull fabrics

* Uneven textures

* Shiny patterns

* Large patterns

Tall and too thin

You would want to wear outfits that make you appear rounded. Wear clothes with designs that create a widening effect.

* Wide collars

* Peplums

* Bouffant skirts

* Tunics

* Tiered skirts

* Full sleeves

* Hip length jackets

Thick rib cage

Wear clothes that do not place emphasis on the hemline, rib cage and neckline. Wear these:

* Soft draping

* Boxy jackets

* Overblouses

* Bloused bodices

Heavy hip

* Flattering flares

* Neckline design to draw attention away from the hip

* Smooth fitting skirts


* Straight skirts

* Overblouses

* Jackets

* Peplums

Low and full bust

* Not too much fullness 

* Bodices design that drapes softly


* Fabrics that cling

* Low or high necklines

* Shiny, light and bright colours

Small bust

With fairly narrow hips, wear:

* Overblouses

With large waisted shape, wear:

* Necklines with soft fullness

* Yokes

* Draped bodices

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