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Essential Wardrobe Pieces For Minimalist Living - 9 Wardrobe Basics Checklist For Every Woman

9 Wardrobe Basics Checklist For Every Woman

Want a minimalist living with wardrobe essentials? These are  9 wardrobe basics for every woman who wants to change her appearance. It does not matter the design that you have chosen or the brand, you will spoil the effects unless what you wear is suitable for the occasion. This is not to say that you will need lots of clothes. What you should aim at are a few outfits that suit different occasions.

Wardrobe Essentials  

For a minimalist living, every woman will need to have these essential wardrobe pieces in their wardrobes:

1. Different basic dresses that she can dress up or down by complementing them with fashion accessories.

2. A classic suit

3. Blouse

4. A casual dress

5. A simple coat

6. Skirt

7. Sports outfits

8. After five dress

9. Sweater

Even though these are the clothes every woman should have, many ladies are not so sure when to wear these wardrobe essentials. So, in planning for your basic wardrobe, I have listed a few general suggestions to guide you.

At Home Wardrobe Essentials

When you are at home, many ladies forget to look their best. With everyday family stress, when you wear clothes that do not fit well, they can affect your morale and stress level. when you are at home, wear what makes you look and feel comfortable. Make sure they fit you properly.
These are some of the stay-at-home outfits that will give you a much more attractive appearance: 

* Shorts or Slacks

* Shirtwaist Dress

* Pleated skirt

* Wrap around flared skirt

*  A simple dress

Shopping Wardrobe Essentials

If you are going shopping, what do you wear? 

* Suits on simple dresses will do. 

* Topcoat overdress or suit

* Do not wear shorts

Basic Sportswear Wardrobe

For sports outfits, you can wear casual sports clothes or clothes that are specific to sports events. If you are participating in any special sports you will be required to wear special sportswear. As we all know that tennis sportswear is different from golf sportswear. If you are a spectator in any sports event, you can wear:

* sturdy looking but comfortable clothes

* classic suits and simple dresses

* Separates 

On the Job Wardrobe Essentials

You will notice that many career women's wardrobe essentials come in basic and dark colours. You can add a little pep (liveliness) by introducing some bright colours. Avoid clothes that are too revealing or too tight, dressy, or low cut. Get the closet essentials for a working-class girl that you can mix and match:

* Blouse

* Skirt

* Suit

* Jacket

* A simple dress

For School Look Wardrobe Essentials for Women

A few essential clothes that you wear for social occasions or informal gatherings will do. Mix and match these to answer your schoolgirl's needs:

*  Coat

* Sweaters

* Blouses

* Jackets

* Skirts

Evening Parties Basic Wardrobe Checklist

Choosing what to wear for your evening party will depend entirely on your community preference. For formal parties, you can wear:

* Short or long evening gowns

For informal parties, wear:

* Suit or cocktail dress

Club Activities Closet Basic Needs

* Coat dress

* Sheath

* Shirtwaist

* Suits

Travelling Wardrobe Essentials for Women

During the journey:

* Flared skirt or flared shorts

What you will wear when you reach your destination will depend on that locale weather. You will need closet basics such as:

* festive clothes

* Casual but comfortable outfits which may include

* Spaghetti hand top

* Waist Dress

* Separates

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